15 Top Office Pranks Ideas to Have Fun at Workplace

People who play “office office” in routine life often get bored and search for the best ways to add some fun at their workplace. In this scenario, work pranks seem like a wonderful idea. Some people can work together to fool one or more of their colleagues. In case you are looking for top office pranks which are really hilarious yet harmless then you can find a collection of 15 ideas below. No matter which idea you pick from the collection, it will make your day full of fun. Let’s start exploring them evil office pranks ideas below.

1.Tie and Hit Game

Tie your coworker. Make bow with boots and strings. Start hitting your coworker. Don’t miss any shot.

Harmless office pranks

2.For Hasselhoff lovers or haters

This prank idea can be used in two different ways. If a person likes tv shows of Hasselhoff then he would like this little effort of Hasselhoff print everywhere. However, if a guy doesn’t like him then you can use this idea as office revenge pranks. Now it’s up to you. Check top 10 longest running tv shows of all time.Hasselhoff fan prank funny prank ideas

3.Add Eyes into Your Toilet

This is very simple work prank to follow for. Get inspiration from 8 Cartoon characters with mental disorder and make two eyeballs. Make sure these balls focus on everyone who enters into toilet.


Hilarious office pranks ideas
4.Horror Office Pranks

Do you have a coworker who believes in ghost stories ,unexplained mysteries and  scariest places in the world. If it is the case then use scary pictures and enjoy his scream.

Hiralious office prank ideas

5.When Your Coworker Loves Cats

He would feel great when you spread cat photos everywhere. There are some people who don’t love cats, so you can go with is a great office revenge prank idea; use cat photos to tease your co-worker.Office computer pranks

6.Turn Office Room into Playground

Have a big guy in your office? Remind him of his childhood with this playground version office.

Playroom prank for work office


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7.Fool your Co-worker with Office Wrapping

Use plastic covers to wrap everything in office and tell your colleague that you are moving office. Enjoy his funny response.

Shrink wrapped desk prank easy office pranks

8.Replace Office Chair with Toilet Seat

some people don’t leave their office, replace their chairs with toilet seats. Such seats would remind them a break is needed in workplace.Subtle office pranks toilet seats in office

9.Hanging Office for Day Dreamers

This won’t be a very simple office pranks to copy for but you should give it your best try. Hang everything and then ask your coworker to use this suspended office.Suspended chair prank ideas

10.Look who is Watching You

this is indeed one of the hiralious office pranks you would love to try. Pick a picture of your choice, the picture should be very funny. Paste it on toilet seat and then sit tight. Every person who will use toilet feel amused.

Toilet terror

11.Sound-Booster office Chair Prank

No person would have courage to sit on this horn-activated chair.

Top office pranks horn under seat

12.Harmless Office Prank for Foodie Colleague

There are many people who lovce to eat twinkies. Give them a surprise party at office.

Twinkie pranks


13.Toaster Activates with Voice

People usually react according to note. Paste voice-activated note on toaster and enjoy stupid voice commands.

Voice activated toaster pranks work office


14.Say Hello to Analog Office

Let your colleagues enjoy one day in a office without any digital facility. People have forget all about analog operations, just remind them a little.

Work prank ideas


15.Hilarious office Signs Pranks

Use Funny signs in office to have a little fun around.

Work pranks funny

You have got 15 cool prank ideas to pull on work. Tell me which idea you like the most. Do you have your own ideas? feel free to share with me.