5 Wonders of the World That You Never Knew Before

Are you ready to surprise yourself? If yes, then it is time to explore a detailed list of 5 Wonders of the world. This list will give you a chance to explore those world wonders that you knew before. So, let’s find out what these are.

1.The Great Wall of China

Now it is categorized under 7 New Wonders of the world.This wall was constructed in the seventh century BC. It is built to protect Chinese States and empires from its enemies -who were nomadic groups of the Eurasian Steppe.But this wall also used for some other purposes such as goods transportation, getting control over immigration and migration, trade development and border controls.

seven wonders of the natural world


If you take an interest in old 7 wonders of the world, then you should know that Petra is also one of them.It is also known as Rose City because rose colors stones are used to carve it. This archaeological Jordan City is popular due to its rock-cut architectural designs and water conduit system. This city is also a symbol of Jordan.It is situated on Jebel Al-Madhbah slope. It is among the most visited tourist attraction of Jordan. People who visit Jordan always plan one day trip to Petra.This city of the world helped Arabs to gather wealth trade.

nature wonders of the world

3.Cristo Redentor Statue

If you take an interest in Christianity then you should never miss Cristo Redenstor Statue which is among the real Wonders of the Wonder . In addition,it is the largest Art Deco Statue in the world.This Statue is made of concrete and soapstone.It was build between 1922-1931.It is not only the symbol of Christianty all around the world, but it is  recognized as  a cultural icon of both Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.

7 wonders of the world names statue

4.Hagia Sophia

It is indeed a construction masterpiece which got appreciation all over the world. This place was used as a Church at first , but then it became an imperial mosque.Currently, it is a famous museum in Istanbul, Turkey. It is the second most visited Museum of Turkey. Every year, more than 3.3 million visitors come to visit it. This mosque was the main mosque in Turkey until the construction of Blue Mosque of Istanbul in 1616.Hagia Sophia remained the largest cathedral in the world for almost thousands years but it position changed when Seville Cathedral was built in 1520.

new wonders of the world

5.Chichen Itza

It was a huge Pre-Columbian city constructed in 400 AD by Maya Civilization. The city is located in North Central Mexico which was formerly known as Yucatan Peninsula. It is among the Old Wonders of the world as it is around 1500 years old. This city remained the focal point for many kinds of ceremonies. The Maya name “Chichen Itza” means “At the mouth of the well of the Itza.”

old 7 wonders of the world

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