7 Amazing Underwater Hotels in the World

People who take good interest in marine life, rivers and water species always admire the beauty of an underwater hotel. This kind of place provides you with a chance to take a close look at wonderful underwater species. If you have a plan to explore the best hotels which let you discover underwater world, then we have a list of 7 mind- blowing underwater hotels in the world.

7.Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Sea lovers adore the charm and grace of this famous hotel. The name of this lodge is taken from world’s famous maritime authors, Jules.If you need an innovative sort of underwater discovery ,then this hotel can simply fulfil your need. It was constructed in the early 1970s. This hotel is famous among celebrities who always enjoy their stay here. According to former Canadian President, this lodge is the most beautiful resident point for the tourists.

underwater hotel location

6.The Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Zanzibar

If you a have a desire to explore an African sea almost 13 feet deep, then Manta Resort is here to offer you a chance to get what you desire. This underwater hotel Africa has small rooms with the luxury setting for its guests.It charges $1000 for one night stay from one person.You are free to enjoy an unforgettable experience of viewing amazing underwater creatures right from your bed.It is indeed one the most beautiful underwater hotels in the world.

underwater hotel africa manta resort

5.Utter Inn, Sweden

People like to enjoy their honeymoon period in this luxurious residential points. It has not only well-designed residential rooms but also chic   honeymoon suites.This hotel features a vast dining area and a big swimming pool for its guests.It was constructed in 2000 by Mikael Genberg in Sweden.

underwater hotel sweden

4.Apeiron Island Hotel, Dubai

If you visit Dubai, then you never miss a chance to explore this attractive underwater hotel Dubai.It offers a range of facilities to its guests just to make their experience  enjoyable.It has very comfortable apartments for families.The hotel interior is very eye-catching. It is designed in a way that you feel like you are staying in a jungle theme park.

underwater hotel dubai


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3.Water Discus Hotel, Dubai

Another underwater hotel Dubai which you like to visit is Water Discus Hotel. It is not a very hotel and only has 21 well-designed luxurious rooms. But it offers you enjoyable experience which you hardly get anywhere in the world. The lovers of underwater hotels prefer it over other hotels just because it is featured a big swimming pool, attractive lobby and a spacious sitting hall.

dubai underwater hotel pictures

2.Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

It is a very famous underwater Hotel Maldives. You would love not only its exterior but also exterior decoration. Also, you get a chance to use services of its relaxing spa and a well-equipped gym. What you like the most about this hotel is that you have a chance not only to view underwater creatures ,but you are also free to feed them.Seems impressive! Isn’t it?

underwater hotel maldives

1.The Shimao Wonderland, China

Whenever you get a chance to visit China then you should add Shimao Wonderland on your list. It is among the top 20 tourist attractions in China. This luxury hotel has spectacular rooms, entertainment area, a big hall, indoor gym and a big swimming pool. You would never forget those days which you will spend in this hotel.

underwater hotel china

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