Couple die holding hands after 69 years of marriage

The couple first met in their native argentina

And The state of Illinois pair married for 69 years have passed away with hours of each other; relatives members inform US media.
Isaac Watkins, 91, was keeping the hand of his partner Teresa, 89, as she succumbed to Alzheimer’s illness on Saturday, the Everyday Herald reported.
Isaac died 40 mins later. Family people said they had taken convenience in understanding they were jointly at the end.
“You did not want to see them go,” said grand son William Watkins, “but you couldn’t ask for everything more.”

The vatkins sparkle on their wedding day

“Their love for each other was so powerful, they basically could not stay without each other,” said child Clara Gesklin at the couple’s joint memorial.
“They were often in love, basically to the end. To the final second,” said Rabbi Barry Schechter, who directed the support at the Shalom Memorial Burial Home in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Levels.
The staff at the local Highland Park Hospital found Mr. and Mrs. Vatkin unresponsive and breathing shallowly on Saturday and chose to place their bed’s side by side.

Household members put their hands, so they affected.
The pair raised three kids in Skokie, Illinois, and had a close connection with their grandchildren, family people said.
Mr. Vatkin had been a reliable meat provider and Mrs. Vatkin a homeowner and manicurist.