Top 15 Facts About Abraham Lincoln

There are many Things You Don’t Know About Honest Abe

Abraham Lincoln was indeed a very famous political personality of National Union Party. He was the 16 th US President. He born in 1809 and died in 1865. Today, I would like to share some common and uncommon facts about Ibraham Lincoln .He was an inspirational leader and lawyer.Many leaders like to copycat his strategies and work. Films are made on his character such as “The Perfect Tribute” (1935), “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address” (1912) and some others. His quotes are quite popular as they are motivational. His famous quote is “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

Top 15 Facts About Abraham Lincoln

15.Many Nick names:

He was known with many different names such as “Uncle Abraham”, “Old Abe”, “
 The Great Emancipator”, “The Tycoon”, “Old Abe”, “Spotty Lincoln”, “Father Abraham”, “Honest Abe”, “The Rail-Splitter”,  “The Ancient One”, “The Liberator” and “Illinois Rail-Splitter”.

Abraham lincoln names no middle name

14.Practiced Law Without Degree

Okay, this might seems surprising but it is true. He completed only 18 months of formal schooling and then he came into practical law field. Practicing law without degree is illegal nowadays. If you have watched “Suits” then you would have clear idea about all this.

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Abrahalm lincoln lawyer lost a case

13.Love For Animals

Lincoln had a kind heart and he really loved animals. He never went for fishing and hunting. It is not hard to believe that if he were alive today, he probably could launch an animal shelter or animal protection organization in America.

Abraham lincoln love animals facts about abraham lincoln for kids

12.A Wrestler

A lot of you know him as a politician but he was a great wrestler too. A documentary of him showed clearly how passionately he was taking part in wrestling bouts.No doubt, it is one of the best facts about Lincoln life.

Abraham lincoln was a skilled wrestler facts about abraham lincoln life

11.Didn’t Join Church

You might be wondering whether Abraham Lincoln was religious or not. Actually, he was because he read the Bible Daily but he didn’t belong to any church.

10.No Smoking and Drinking

Well, this might be hard for you to swallow but it is true. He didn’t do smoking and drinking in his life. Lincoln was a very simple man who even didn’t like to chew.

9.Lincoln Failures

If you get motivated from Lincoln then you should learn some lesson from his failures as well. He was a normal person like us. He also faced some problems and down moments in his life. For example, he failed in his first business. He lost his first bid when he applied for Presidential Ticket. However, he didn’t give up and he kept trying; at the end, he became the sixteenth president of USA.  He also ran for U.S Senate Twice and lost it.

Different names of abraham lincoln


8.No Middle Name

He was living in US but he didn’t have any middle name. This is another surprising fact about Lincoln. Isn’t it? He was known everywhere with two names Abraham Lincoln.

7.He Liked his Last name

He had many nick names like I mentioned before. He didn’t like it much when people called him Abe. He preferred his last name over first one.

6.Good Taste

You surely be interested to know what he liked to eat. Well, he had a great taste. Chicken Casserole was his favorite meal.

Favorite meal and dish of abraham lincoln

5.President with Beard

He was the First President of America with Beard, before him no one had beard. But fact is that beard suits him a lot. Do you agree?

4.Lost a Case

Lincoln had to face failure in his life like ordinary people. He gave arguments in front of Supreme Court in 1849 but he lost it.

3. Telegraph

Lincoln was a bit of future forward person. He was the first president who used telegraph for communications. He used it as an email to communicate with generals.

Telegraph use fact of abraham lincoln

2.Facts About Lincoln’s Parents

He didn’t have a loving relationship with his father , so he didn’t attend his funeral. His mother was died due to poisoned milk.

Abraham lincoln mother and father picture

1.Lincoln Death

He was assassinated on April 14, 1865 on Good Friday. The plan of his assignation was made and executed by famous stage actor John Wikes Booth.

Abraham lincoln death assissination shoot

I hope you enjoyed reading facts about Abraham Lincoln. Do you know some more facts? Feel free to share them.