8 Famous Horses in the World

American Paint Horses Have Attractive looks

Everyone has seen many beautiful horses around. But few are rare while other are beautiful. Even you can also explore famous horses in the world. There are many different types of breeds. Some of the breeds are oldest one. Horses are intelligent and everyone love to ride on it. Horses are used for many purposes like riding, races, competitions and working.

Top 8 Famous Horses in the World

I have compiled the list world’s  popular horses . These horses are unique and give a majestic feeling. You will be surprised to see how many beautiful and famous horses are there. Take a look here and enjoy.

  1.    Missouri Fox Trotter

This was developed in the Ozark Mountains in early 18s. This breed is a mix of Arabian horses and Morgan horses. The element which makes these horses famous is gait. It is known for a comfortable ride.

Missouri fox trotter famous horses in movies

  1.    Andalusia Horse

This is a most ancient breed of horses.  These horses are famous for the extraordinary physical capabilities which make them suitable for dressage competition. This shows the highest level of horse training. These horses are mostly found in gray color. But they are also available in other different colors.

Andalusia horse famous western horses names

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  1.    Tennessee Walking horse

This breed is also developed in America like Missouri in the 19th century.  As you can guess by name it is famous by unique walking style. It is fast and smooth. Most riders prefer this breed. They are also preferable for competitions. These horses are excellent and intelligent. They look graceful and strong enough to compete with other horses. They have the ability to run in harsh deserts.  They are used in riding purpose and everything in between.

Tennessee walking horse famous horses in the world

  1.    Morgan Horses

These horses were developed in the 18th century.  This horse is especially known for his figure. His figure is a mix of Arabian horses. Few features are mix with other horses. This horse combines strength and endurance with intelligence.

Morgan horses most popular horses in the world

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  1.    Appaloosa Horses

The history of these horses is tied with native tribes of Americans. These horses are specially imported from Mexico to the people of Nez Perce. Nez Perce is known to grow up intelligent and strong horses.

Appaloosa horses famous american horses zebra body

  1.    Thoroughbred Horse

You can understand the term “Thoroughbred” as purebred. These horses are very especial horses. These horses are known for sport and extremely athletic animals. As you know its racing horse they have splendid speed and stamina. It is specific breed.

Thoroughbred horse famous athletic horses in the world

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  1.    Miniature Horses

These horses are found many years ago. They appeared in United State a few years back. These horses are used for working purpose. This horse looks unique and small in size. 1n 1970 mostly people registered this horse.

Miniature horses famous horses in the usa

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  1.    Paint Horses

These horses are mostly found in America. As their name show their identity. They are found in different colors on skin.  American Paint horses are beautiful and intelligent. Mostly people call it pinto. The term Paint and pinto is different. Paint the breed type while pinto describes the color in the horse. Paint horses have remarkable personality and intelligence.

Beautiful paint horse stallion running in wild
beautiful paint horse stallion running in wild