Fast & Furious then and now: Vin Diesel, The Rock have changed more than the movies

A great deal has improved since 2001 – also within the Mad and Quick tale. From selling DVD players and tuna sandwiches, the people of the sequence currently draw heists that are a multi million dollar.

The series started with street racing in La, using the relatively moderate The Quick and also the Mad, a movie in 2001. And today, 16 years later, The Destiny of the Mad, the sequel included The Stone pressing torpedoes together with his bare hands and Vin Diesel rushing atomic submarines – an enormous leap from Toyotas and the Mazdas in the first movie.

While box office documents fail worldwide, let’s have a look at the original cast and just how they’ve improved through the years.

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Vin Diesel

Vin diesel fast and furious

Jordana Brewster

Michelle rodriguezJordana brewster fast and furious

Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese gibson fast and furious


Rock fast & furious

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle rodriguez in fast & furious