7 Funny Pranks Ideas You Hardly Find Anywhere

Pranks ideas Everyone like to try

There are many pranks to try on your friends, family members, and your beloved ones. Pranks are always entertaining. But some of the pranks are scary. Here we have the list of top 7 Funny Pranks ideas that you never tried before for sure. Take a look here.

  1.    Add different items in drink

This prank perfectly works if you try it for your sister. If your sister loves to take a warm drink before going to bed then what will be best than this. All you have to do is to drop few raisins in the drink. These raisins will sink at the bottom of the cup. The last sip of drink will be sweet and color of raisins will change a bit. That’s all! Your sister will  throw them out and your plan would gone  successful.

Drink prank funny pranks ideas for sister brother

  1.    Fake Insects Prank

Next prank is quite interesting. But make sure you try it with adults. You can try this prank on your friends. All you have to do is to prepare the plate with your friend’s most favorite’s food. Then add few fake flies and fake cockroaches into it. Make sure you are going to add fake insects. As you will give it to your friend he will open the lid, he will run away and go to fight with you. It is one of the funny pranks one can ever try.

Funny prank ideas for kids fake insect

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  1.    Polish Shoes Prank

The third trick perfectly works for girls.  Ever girl has a favorite pair of shoes. All you have to do is to polish her shoes from inside. Let her wear them and walk around. When she will come from a party and took off her shoes you get ready to hear the loudest scream ever. Her feet will look black.

Funny pranks to do at home girls paint prank

  1.    Peanut Butter Prank

This prank is really funny. You can take brown peanut butter and put it on the handle of the door. You can try in your friend’s room. You can put peanut butter in the cabinet when your friend will grab the handle and open the door he would really get mad at you.

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  1.    Nail Polish Prank

Here 5th prank is a girlish prank. I’m sure it will surely work if you try it. All you have to do is to take a food color and add few drops of nail polish. Make sure color is properly mixed with nail polish. When she will remove nail polish the color will stay long lasting to three or more days. She will confuse what’s going on.

Nail polish pranks for girls

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  1.    Book Prank

Many of your friends are bookish. They love to read books continuously. Even they usually read it from start to end. The trick is simple. All you have to do is to remove last two pages of the book and write ” to be continued”. It will be amazing and your friend will not be able to judge its prank.

Book prank ideas funny pranks

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  1.    Alarm Prank

Many friends sleep late at night. There is a perfect prank for them. All you have to do is to remove clocks from your friend’s room. Grab 5 or 6 Alarms. Set each alarm with five minutes difference. When first alarm will turn on your friend will be disturbed and get up to switch it off. Then other alarm will on exact 5 minutes later. In this way, he won’t be able to sleep peacefully for more than 20 minutes. So, what are you waiting for? Go and try this funny pranks idea now.

Alarm pranks ideas for friends