This Girl Took the #VacantChallenge to the Next Level !


What’s a student to do when she however caught in university because of the adjusted institution calendar and the summer season has begun? Make the most of her precise period that is!

Thus the starting of the #VacantChallenge, in which college students post images of on their own anywhere else during their expected vacant time. Some would Photoshop independently at the seaside, in a different region, or even as far as the moon—wearing their uniforms, mind you—while some go to the actual place or jet off to a different nation and take images while still in uniform.

Aubrey Bustard is one of the few more people who did the second. Presently a third year Civil Engineering University student at the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology in Cabanatuan City, Aubrey chose to bring her school uniform to her South Korea holiday and take on the challenge.

Vacantchallenge 2

“I genuinely like looking at K-Dramas, so I decided to bring my suit to our holiday to South Korea so I could do the task there.”

She also used her uniform at other visitor areas, like the palace…

Vacantchallenge 3

“After getting some photos with my #OOTD. I improved into my uniform and in no way took it off until we gone back to our hotel.” LOL! How enjoyment!

Vacantchallenge 5

We want to ask you! In which would you go for your vacant period?