5 Most Expensive Hotel in the World

Spend money and enjoy luxury experience

Do you spend the night in cheap hotels where you luggage is not safe and the facilities provided are poor?  Well for the people with good financial status, the good news is that there are 5 most expensive hotels in the world. They offer what you need and provide much more luxurious experience you can ever imagine.

Top 5 Most Expensive Hotel in the World List

Some of the most finest hotel suites are the following:


  1.       The Presidential Suite Hong Kong , Intercontinental Hotel

This hotel suite offers harbour view terrace (2500 sq. feet) and a view to Hong Kong Island and victoria harbour. This has a rooftop swimming pool, travellers can get everything from bedroom and bathroom and private gym and many more luxuries. They can also ride in Phantom VI Rolls Royce, Bentley or Mercedes limousine.

The presidential suite hong kong , intercontinental hotel most expensive hotels in world list

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  1.       Royal Villa at Athens Greece

This is the most expensive hotel in the world with almost $35000 expense per night. In this cost, you get everything from two master bedrooms, an over-sized bathroom, and a private butler to swimming pool for catering your every luxurious need.The massage table and sun bath provides the relaxation on your private deck.

Royal villa at athens greece most expensive hotel name in the world

  1.    Hotel Martinez in Cannes, France

You can spend your lovely evenings here soaking in your Jacuzzi. You are offered a private terrace in $37,500 per night expense where you can see the bay of Cannes and can stay in the seventh floor penthouse with two master bedrooms waiting for your arrival. Two fabulous marble bathrooms and dining room is also for the most elegant people in the world.

Hotel martinez in cannes france most expensive hotels in the world list

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  1.    Hilltop Estate Owner’s Accommodation at the Laucala Island Resort on the Laucala Island, Fiji

The expense per night for staying in Laucala Island Resort Fiji Island is $40,000. The villa guests have to apply to the property owner first by filling a form so they can get the permission from the billionaire Dietrick Mateschitz and get your private villa. There are many similar villas on the Fiji island like this,  the luxurious villas provide incredible island activities like horse back riding, massage and a spa for the whole family and dining room.

Laucala island resort on the laucala island, fiji world most expensive hotels

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  1.    Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons Hotel in NYC

New York city is a home of America’s finest hotels.  The costs of living in hotels is very high in the NYC and most guests that come to New York usually complain about it. If you are someone who do not need to worry about the cost, then New York’s most expensive hotel is Warner Penthouse Four Seasons Hotel.

Ty warner penthouse at the four seasons hotel in nyc most expensive hotels in new york us

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Here you can stay by paying $45,000 per night. This project was completed with a cost of $50 million dollars, you can sleep comfortably in the large rooms and enjoy the relaxing moments on the Japanese silk pillows.  There is a library in each hotel room which included almost 100 books on culture and art. This is a great chance to enjoy and read about the American culture. This hotel suite provides a 360 degree floor to ceiling view as well.