Top 10 Richest Family in the World

World’s Weathiest Family has $2 Trillion Net Worth

I am a member of normal family which net worth is around $1 million. I am not a rich family member. But there are many richest families out there which are really rich. Their net worth ranges from $34 Billion to $ 2 trillion. It is super exciting. Isn’t  it?

Top 10 Richest Family in the World Names and Details

Two families belong to politics, one family is royal, one family has more than 2 million employees, the owner of one family is a woman and so on. I know you would surely like to dig deeper to get more details of  them. So, let’s get some interesting information about them.

10.The Cox Family

Estimated Net Worth: $34.5 billion

James Middleton Cox purchased the Dayton Evening news and started a newspaper company. Later on, this family shifted its focus to TV, Radio and more. Basically, they are earning money through media. The Cox Families owns, Kelley Blue Book and Manheim car auctions. They also acquired DealerTracker. The fortune of Cox Enterprises is divided among five grand children of James Cox.

The cox family top 10 richest family in the world list

9.The Arnault Family, France

Estimated Net Worth: $37.7 billion

We all love to shop Christian Dior, it is the best luxury brands in the world. So, it is not surprise to see the people behind this brand as the rich family.  The Arnualts is the ninth richest family in the world.They are famous due to  Luxury brands Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. The control of these brands is in the hand of Arnualt Family, so they are getting lucrative benefit from their income stream.

The arnault family, france wealthiest family in the world 2016

8.The Bettencourt Family, France

Estimated Net Worth: $42.7 billion

Let’s meet with a French family that turned into billionaire just because of their unique hair-dye formula. Yes, I am talking about L’Oréal S.A. Eugene Schueller came up with a unique hair dye formula in 1909.  He used this formula to gain popularity in Paris- the fashion capital of the world at that time . He started a company that became a cosmetic giant with the passage of time. After his death, Liliane (his daughter) took control of company. She is World’s Richest Women.

Liliane bettencourt family rich france richest family world

7.The Cargill-MacMillan Family, US

Estimated Net Worth: $45 billion

You can name this family as the Billionaire’s family as 14 members of this family secure position in world’s billionaire list. William Wallace Cargill is the founder of Cargill Inc. which came into life in 1865.

The cargill macmillan family, us with billionaires in the world list

6.The Slim Family, Mexico

Estimated Net Worth: $77.1 billion

Trading in Stock Exchange is indeed profitable and you will be agreed with me when you meet with the Slim Family. Carlos Slim Helu is the founder of Grupo Carso-a conglomerate that holds more than 40 percent equity value of Mexico Stock exchange. So, this family is getting major part of its wealth through stock trading. According to Forbes Magazine, Carlos Slim Helu is the fourth Wealthiest Person in the world. He was the first between 2010 and 2013.

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The slim family, mexico picture weathiest families in the world 2016

5.The Mars Family, US

Estimated Net Worth: $80 billion

I really like the idea behind the wealth of this family which is nothing but a Chocolate. We love to eat Mars but you might have no idea that this chocolate has made its founder a billionaire. Did you ever think that way? It is super sweet idea. What do you say?

Let’s get back to the point. The Mar Family gets its wealth from Mars Inc.  It is the World’s largest private Candy Company. It came into existence in 1911. Since that time it brings sweets in stores.

The mars family picture

4.The Koch Family, US

Estimated Net Worth: $89 billion

This family earns such a great money from Koch Industries which sit the second largest private company in the world. This is a multi-national conglomerate takes interest in ranching, trading, house items, finance, real states, oil, commodity trading, chemicals and fertizer. The founder of this company is Fred C.Koch who started it as an oil refinery in 1940 . Currently, company expands its operation to multiple interest and countries and thus it is increasing the wealth of the Koch Family.

The koch family, us net worth richest familiest

3.The Walton Family, US

Estimated Net Worth: $152 billion

We all love to do shopping from Wal-Mart and we are indeed not the only their customers. They have a chain of retail stores. Sam Walton is the founder of Wal-Mart, he opened first Wal-Mart Store in 1962 and then the story of their wealth began. He focused on small town at first though his stores are present in large urban areas as well. Wal-Mart store Inc. has more than 2.1 million employees. Six heirs of this company hold 54 percent shares.

The walton family richest families

2.The House of Saud, Saudi Arabia

Estimated Net Worth: $1.4 trillion

The life of Saudi is indeed luxurious; they concentrate always on luxury lifestyle and expensive things. The Al-Saud Family comes at the second position when you make a list of wealthiest families in the world. Saudi Royal family rules Saudi Arabia since the 1700 and their wealth resource is money they get from export of Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves.

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The saudi royal family wealthiest families in the world

1.The Rothschild Family ,Germany

Estimated Net Worth: $350 billion – $2 trillion

You might be interested to know how this family earns so much. They deal in finances or you can say that they own a multi-century financial empire. Whenever people talk about international banking in German then name of this family always comes first.  They started working as bankers from late 1700s and if they are trillionaires in 2017, then it is surely not a surprising thing. They dealt in money, so surely they earn something for them. The moto of this family is : “Concordia Integritas Industria” translates as “Harmony, Integrity, Industry.”

The rothschild family ( germany) billionaires family in the world