Sarah Palin visits White House with Kid Rock, Ted Nugent

The 2008 GOP vice presidential possibility continued to be an open supporter of Trump since his technique and was asked to become among his visitors during an Oct discussion last year.

Sarah palin visits white house with kid rock, ted nugent 3

Kid Rock’s girlfriend, Nugent’s wife, Audrey Berry, and Shemane Deziel, therefore are in another of the pictures and were in the White house.
Further information on the visit was instantly made not known although it seemed the team and other areas of the White house visited away from Oval Office.

In a gathering of probably the most famous traditional people and artists in the United States, Ted Nugent and artists Kid Rock and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin dined with Trump in the White house on Friday evening.

Sarah palin visits white house with kid rock, ted nugent 2
Kid Rock, Nugent and Palin backed Trump with the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate, Palin, supporting Trump early within the process.

“an excellent evening in the Whitehouse. Thanks to President Trump for that request!” Palin wrote on Facebook.

Got that?” Nugent wrote in a Facebook article, stating the 242nd wedding of the Revolutionary War struggles of Concord and Lexington.

Sarah palin visits white house with kid rock, ted nugent

Nugent, supporter and an enthusiastic hunter of the 2Nd Amendment, extended about the experience in a for Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine.

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“We mentioned the Environmental Protection Agency and also particularly the detrimental follies of the Endangered Species Act, in addition to the US Fish & Wildlife Service, [Institution of Land-Management] along with other unmanageable bureaucracies,” Nugent wrote.