5 Most Famous Siamese Twins in the History

You Must Read about History of Cojoined Twins who Ever Lived

Doctors and scientists have always been amazed and baffled by the unique structures of Siamese Twins over centuries.Sismese twins  are also referred to as the conjoined twins which are a rare phenomenon. The high ratio of siamese twin births is in South East Asia and Africa. Most alive siamese twins are females who share their body structure in utero.

Top 5 Siamese Twins in the History

They live interesting lives but also become a victim of finger pointing by some people in the society, let us explore top 5 cojoined twins ever lived on this planet.

  1. Chang and Eng Bunker

Chang and Eng Bunker were conjoined twins who were born in Thailand in 1811. At a young age, they began to give lectures around the world and toured a lot. They bought some land in North Carolina, the also married two sisters which made them famous and a center of criticism. Their life was ridiculed but they ignored it along with their wives. In 1884, both of their wives gave birth to children, since then they had total 21 children. They are still considered as the most fascinating siamese twins in the history.

Siamese twins chang and eng most famous twins in the world

  1. Daisy and Violet Hilton

In 1908, two sisters Daisy and Violet Hilton were born in England but their mother did not accepted them and sold them to woman named Mary. Mary put them in a pub where everyone could come and see them by paying some money.The girls became rich when they grew up and became a legend,  they were however kept captive and kept making money for their guardians.  Harry Houdin became their salvation when he delivered them from slavery to justice and freedom. But they also lost their wealth and success after that and lived their later lives away from the center of attention. Read  more about their life.

Daisy and violet hilton most famous twins cojoined

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  1.   Millie and Christine Mckoy

Millie and Christine Mckoy were born in North Carolina in slavery in 1851. Their parents enslaved a blacksmith who sold them for $1,000. After being sold for many years, the twins finally found their home with Joseph Pearson Smith family and did road shoes to be called the Carolina twins.The slavery in England ended in 1863, both sisters retired due to ill health in Columbus County.

Millie and christine mckoy brothers joined on back siamese twins


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  1. Rosa and Josepha Blažek

These twin sisters were born in 1878 in Bohemia where they did shows and exhibitions since the age of one. They also saw a doctor in Paris when they were 13 years old, but doctors failed to separate them. In 1910, Rosa gave birth to a son and he began to perform with them as he grew up. Rosa became ill in 1922 and her illness spread to Rosa as well, both sisters died.

Rosa and josepha blažek cojoined twins child birth

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  1. The Scottish Brothers

These Scottish brothers were born in 1940 near Glasgow.  They had a single body but two heads.   They were famous siamese twins on planet in nineties. They were taken to the court of King James IV who ordered to educate these brothers and paid for their upbringing.  They learned many languages and learned to sing. They fought among themselves and died when they were 28 years old.  Their death cause was unknown.

The scottish brothers twins cojoined