Top 10 Biggest Trees in the World

A Few Trees are 2500 years old

Trees provide soothing shades and they save our environment and keep us healthy. People who live close to greenery and nature usually have clear skin and mind. If you want to live into an eco-friendly environment, you should have a small garden close to your home. Tree grows with time; there are some trees which are bigger than other trees all over the world. They have been surviving and thriving for  thousands years or more.  Today, I decided to share a list of these top 10 biggest trees in the world.


The name of this tree is based on fictional creature. Gothmog is also a fictional creature who has whip of flames and black axe as his weapon. He is strong and powerful with height of 12 feet tall. So, this tree seems more like this creature. It is the largest Australian Oak tree in the world. This tree features thick and rough bark while its glossy green leaves enhance attraction level. It is the tenth biggest trees in the world by volume.

  • Location: Tasmania, Australia
  • Height: 90 m
  • Volume: about 337 m³ (11,920 cu ft)
  • Gothmog austrlia largest trees in the world

9.Queets River Spruce

By far, it is the largest specifies of Sitka Spruce in the world. It is located close to Queets River.It  holds the fifth position in the list of world’s largest conifer while remaining four are giant sequoia, coast redwood, kauri and western redcedar. It is the third tallest conifer species while other two are  coast redwood and coast Douglas-fir.

  • Location: Washington, U.S.
  • Height:75.6m
  • Volume: 337 m³ (11,920 cu ft)

Queets river spruce world tallest trees list and names

8.Red Creek Fir

It is the largest Douglas fir in the world. It is not the tallest trees of Canada but it has  more wood than other kinds of Douglas fir trees. A proposal of its public protection is submitted to government but it wasn’t accepted. This tree doesn’t enjoy formal government protection of any kind.

  • Location:British Columbia, Canada
  • Volume: about 349 m³ (12,320 cu ft)
  • Height:337 m³ (11,920 cu ft )
  • Age: 1000 years old

Red creek fir biggest trees names

7.Rullah Longatyle

This tree is quite popular as “Strong Girl” or “Grieving Giant” since it is an evergreen blue gum with good volume and height. This tree is widely cultivated in Australia.

  • Location: Tasmania, Australia
  • Volume: 368 m³ (13,000 cu ft)
  • Height: 90.7 m tall (297 ft)Rullah longatyle (strong girl) biggest world tree list


6.Eucalyptus Regnans

This tree is commonly known as Giant Ash, Victorian Ash or Mountain Ask. Based on its volume, it is the largest and biggest trees in the world. This ever-green tree of Australia has tall flower plant.

  • Location: Australia
  • Height : 114 metres (374 ft)
  • Volume: 391 m³ (13,808 cu ft)

Eucalyptus regnans tallest trees by volume

5.Quinault Lake Redcedar

It was popular as the largest known western redcedar in the world. However,  a series of storms in 2014 and 2016 destroyed this tree and now you can see its stump. It has the largest volume with a diameter of 6.04 metres.

  • Location: Washington, United States
  • Volume: 500 cubic metres (18,000 cu ft).
  • Height: 55 metres (180 ft)

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Quinault lake redcedar biggest trees in united states

4.Tane Mahuta

Location:Waipoua Forest, New Zealand

The name of this tree is taken from Maori Language and its meanings are “Lord of the Forest”. It is the largest Kauri known to stand today. It is a very popular tree in New Zealand. In 1920, it was discovered first time by contractors who surveyed the location.

  • Height: 51.2 m (168 ft)
  • Volume:516 cubic meter
  • Estimated Age: between 1,250 and 2,500 years

Tane mahuta tallest trees in the world by volume

3.Arbol del Tule

The name of this tree is taken from Spanish language which is translated in English as
“The Tree of Tule”. It is third biggest tree in the world by volume. It is believed that this tree is planted almost 1400 years old by Pecocha (a priest of Ehecatl, the Aztec wind god). Its location support this claim. It is often named as “Tree of Life”.  In 1990, it is reported that this tree is dying slowing due to heavy traffic, pollution and water shortage.

  • Location: Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Volume: about 25,000 cubic feet (750 cubic meters)
  • Estimated Age: 1,400 years old

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Arbol del tule biggest trees in the world by volume

2.Lost Monarch

It was discovered first time on 11 May 1998, actually it is the fifth largest coast redwood in the world based on its high wood volume. It is located next to the Giant redwoods named as “The Grove of Titans”. It has some other surrounding redwood trees whose names are based on the name of discoverers such as Screaming Titans, El Viejo del Norte,  Eärendil and Elwing, Stalagmight,etc. The  exact location of this tree is not disclosed to general public since human feet traffic disturbs the balance of ecosystem.

  • Volume: 42,500 cubic feet (1,203 cubic meters)
  • Height: 320 feet (98 m)

Lost monarch biggest trees on earth

1.General Sherman

General Sherman is the biggest tree but it is neither tallest nor the largest living tree in the world. I read  at the many places that some people named it as the tallest and oldest trees while it is not right. It is indeed big due to its volume. In 1879,a naturalist james Wolverton gave this tree a name “General Sherman” –that is the name of  an American Civil War General. This survived multiple times from fire and damage.

  • Location: California, U.S.
  • Volume: 52,500 cubic feet (1,487 cubic meters)
  • Estimated Age:  2,300-2,700 years old
Ngs picture id:1363840
The General Sherman Tree, the largest living giant sequoia tree.