Top 10 Scariest Places On Earth Where You Afraid to Go

We all love to watch horror movies as they come with creepy stories and thrilling performance. However, if you are a person who takes an interest in real life horror, then you may like to explore top ten scariest places on earth.

10.Pluckley, Kent

Many times, you watch a movie that revolves around a haunted village. Just imagine wrong turn and then imagine it in your real life. You might feel frightened for one second. Isn’t it? The picture below is of Pluckley, Kent that is a famous haunted village of Britain. There are many scary stories associated with this village. People who live nearby reported several times that they hear loud voice of cries during midnight. This area is restricted for tourists however ghost-hunters often go there to dig deep into this village and its related stories.

Pluckley, kent ghost most scariest places on earth


9.The Riddle House, Florida

If you are living in Florida or nearby then you should plan a visit to The Riddle house that has a scariest home look on earth. This house was built in 120. Karl Riddle was the owner of this haunted home. Karl Riddle and Joseph-his employee committed suicide in this home. Now it is a common belief that their souls never left this home and they are wandering around this home. Those who visit this home feel their presence. This home is among the creepiest unexplained mysteries.The bodies of Karl and Joseph were hanging with fans while their necks were broken. This house is not open for public. You may surprise to know that it is not only the house which is scary but also every single thing associated with it like its furniture, garden, etc.

The riddle house,florida haunted houses in the world

8.Bell Witch Cave

It is a dark black cave which is said to be a killer. If a person takes anything from this cave, then he dies within a couple of days. John Bell and his family were killed in this cave. It is believed that evil spirits live in this cave. These spirits torture the youngsters of surrounding colonies.It is a cursed cave and so as its inside things. One should not bring anything from this cave. Otherwise one has to face serious consequences. A wide variety of tech tools were used to get pictures of this area but still there is no clear picture is there.This cave is listed among unexplained ancient mysteries in the world.

Bell witch cave unexplained ancient mysteries

7.Moundsville, West Virginia

Moundsville was a  sort of prison where violent criminals were kept. It is situated in Western Virginia, USA and established 120 years ago. The criminals were kept behind bars without food and facilities, just to improve their character and attitude. Many criminals died behind bar helplessly.It is believed that their souls are wandering in Moundsville which is among the scariest places on earth. In 1995, this prison was shut down.

Moundsville, west virginia prison closed most scariest places in the world

6.Stull Cemetery

This small town of Bumfuck had only 20 residents in early 20th century. A father and son died in accidents, and they were buried in the farm field. Their death was a complete mystery. Years after their death, many people were killed and hanged from the tree. All such murders remained a mystery. According to numerous USA Books, Stull Cemetry is term as the scariest places in the world.

Stull cemetery unexplained mysteries in the world

5.The Myrtles Plantation

This place is haunted. There are many rumours about this place. Many people claim that they often see the long-haired woman who sometimes wanders in the street at different times of night and other times live like a normal person. They also said that many people saw this long-haired woman’s body hanging with the trees. This place was built onto a burial ground, and it might be a reason that turned this place into the ghost town. It is also said that ghosts kill children and ladies and then disappear without leaving any sign behind.This place is also listed among unexplained mysteries in the world.

The myrtles plantation creepiest unexplained mysteries


Helltown is not a suitable place for tourist. It is situated in the Northern Summit Country, Ohio. It was developed in the 1970s. This town has scary dark wooden landscape.Many houses were torn down at that time.It is believed that souls of that houses are wandering around this place. Many ghost-hunters visited this place, and some of them lost their lives while they wanted to unveil the secrets of this scary place on earth. As this place takes life and bloody, therefore ghost-hunters don’t like to go there.

Helltown ohio unexplained mysteries scariest places on earth


3.The Island of the Dolls, Mexico

You might forget all about horrific scenes of Bride of Chucky just after you take a close look at this Dolls Island- which is situated in Xochimilco district Mexico. This island has the forest where trees have dolls’ head.Even when you remove the dolls head, new heads originate quickly. It is believed that a little girl murdered in this place and her dead body was found in a canal. The dolls heads were created by the soul of that little girl.

The island of the dolls, mexico most haunted places in the world

2.Shades of Death Road

We have watched many movies when people get killed on a scary road by an evil soul. It happens in reality on Shades of Death Road which is situated in New Jersey, USA. There are many unsolved mysteries of this road. The people who visit this road claim that they saw black and white souls wandering around. It is also said that some men were killed on this road and souls of those murdered men try to kill other passengers, especially during night time.

Shades of death road haunted road in the world


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1.Gettysburg Battlefield

Gettysburg Battlefield is an unsolved scariest mystery of Civil War’s battle. Almost fifty thousand soldiers killed during different wars in this battlefield. This place is restricted because it has a ghostly and deadly history. It is believed that souls of soldiers come for grief in this field and people hear loud voices of cries here.

Gettysburg battlefield scariest haunted places in the world