Top 12 DC Characters

You must have seen many famous DC characters in animated movies. Here is the list of top 10 DC Characters which are incredibly famous. Take a look here.

dc characters of all time

  1.    Superman

The most fictional character of all time is supermen. Superman is not only known for the best comic character but also known for justice and symbol of truth. The superman is at the top of the list because no one is on the earth who doesn’t know about him. The S logo is the identity of superman. His top films are a man of steel, batman vs. superman, the dawn of justice.

top dc characters

  1.    Batman

Batman is one of the most famous characters after Superman. He doesn’t need any introduction o explain about his identity. Every single person knows about him. He is easily recognizable with his long black cape and mask. His symbol is “Bat” sign which is made on his chest. The history of batman is rich.

funny dc characters

  1.    The Joker

The joker is also one of the famous villain characters of comic books. If you never read a single comic book but you must aware with the cartoon character of The Joker. His green hairs, clownish face and creepy laugh is the identity of Joker. This is the most iconic character of villain.

naughty dc characters

  1.    Robin

Here at number four, the most famous character is robin. Dick Grayson is also known for robin. There are many others who follow robin. His mustard yellow costume with R logo on the right side made his character distinctive. This character is especially linked to batman due to along history. In fact, there come various versions of a robin but in which some of them are Dick transition into NightWing.

brave dc characters

  1.    Wonder Women

The one and only famous female character are Wonder Women. She is a warrior of amazon and leader of the justice league. Her costume, bracelets, and tiara made the character iconic.

wonderful dc characters

  1.    The Flash

The most fictional character of silver age is The Flash. He was the core member of the justice super league. Many characters have taken on the moniker of flash. One of them is wally west.

handsome dc characters

  1.    Green Lantern

Green Lantern is the staple of the justice league. This character has been seen in many featured DC animated movies. His character is mostly seen in video games.

fighting dc characters

  1.    Cat Woman

Cat women are the most famous villain character of DC movies. There are many versions of cat women in which mostly change of costume was seen. Her looks are inspired from batman.

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dc characters villain

  1.    Lex Luther

This character is also one of the famous comic characters. His trademark is his bald head. He is superman’s top nemesis. He is not any superhero but yet a wealthy Entrepreneur and famous scientist.

rich dc characters

  1.   Green Arrow

This character got fame by the popularity of CW show Arrow. He doesn’t have any super power but his face with bow and arrows make him awesome.

famous dc characters

  1.   Aqua man

This character is different and merges of human hybrid. The thing which makes him especially is that he can breathe air and water both. This character introduced first time in 1941.

evil dc characters

  1.   The Penguin

The penguin is the most recognizable villain character. His character made him ionic due to his long pointy nose, to hat and umbrella that uses as a weapon.