Top 12 Fastest Animal On Earth, In Air and In Water

When it comes to speed and animals then we know that all animals don’t have great speed. Some can fly faster than others while other can only walk slowly. Different animals have varied characters, if one has great speed then other has good mind. Nature brings a wide variety of them for us. When we explore them, we know more about them. Today, I would like to share a list of top ten fastest animal on earth, in water and in air. Let’s dig down into this list.


Although body and build of Elk is heavy yet it can run very fast such as 72km per hour. Isn’t it great speed level? Don’t ever make an Elk angry, otherwise you will have to run very fast in order to escape from him.

Speed: 72 km per hour

Elk fastest animals on land

11.Brown Hare

This hare is bigger in size than other rabbits. It is native to Asia and western Europe. They usually have a maximum speed of speed of 77 km per hour.The reason behind their high speed is their large legs. They can run in zig-zag manner as well. They can easily protect themselves from natural predators due to their high speed.

Speed: 77 km per hour

Brown hare fastest animal on earth


10.Blue Wildbeest

They are grass eating mammals with big body structure. Their body can grown up to 1.30 meters height. They can run to 80 km per hour. The reason behind this good speed is their strong shoulder and legs. They are found in south and east Africa. Their high speed help them escape from predators and migrates to wet lands in dry seasons.

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Blue wildbeest fastest animals on earth

Speed: 80 km per hour

9.Marlin fish

If someone asks you what is the fastest fish then you just need to take name of Marlin fish. This fish is native to Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It can cross a speed of 80km per hour while swimming. It picks warm temperature oceans regions for living. Now you might be wondering what  the reason behind the top speed of this fish is. Well, it uses the force of ocean current for getting maximum speed in water. This speed helps her to attack predators and get its food quickly. Another thing you should know about Marlin Fish is that it is one of the Longest fishes in the world. As it gains top speed, so it do long distance migration.

Speed: 80 km per hour

Marlin fish what is the fastest fish

8.Thomson’s Gazelle

Another fastest animal on earth is Thomson’s Gazelle.It gains a top speed of 80.4 km per hour. They are favorite prey of Cheetah.

Thomson’s gazelle fastest animals run on earth

Speed:80.4 km per hour


We all very well aware of this wild animal but what you might not know is that Cheetah is the fastest animal on earth. He can gain a speed of up to 96.5 km per hour. It is a predator and shows great threats to other animals.

 Speed: 96.5 km per hour

Cheetah fastest animals in the world

6.Pronghorn Antelope

It is another fastest animal on land with a maximum speed of 96.5 km per hour.This antelope is native to North America. Although there are many other antelopes in the world, but Pronghorn are the fastest one among all.  This animal has serious life threat from its predator like you can say “Cheetah”. What makes this animal speedy? Pronghorn has special features like pointed toes which absorb shock and very large organs that helps him to enjoy proper air intake while running.

Speed: 96.5 km per hour

2012 in house pictures madography | original image capture by/doug mayhew

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5.Sail Fish

What is the fastest sea fish? No doubt, the crown goes to Sail fish. It is the fastest fishes all over the world because it can reach speed of up to 109.4 km per hour. This is really high. She uses its speed characters just to intimidate the animals which threaten her.

Speed:109.4 km per hour

Sail fish what is fastest sea animal

4.Sour Winged Goose

This is a largest group of Goose family and you can found this group in South Africa. They can gain maximum speed of 142km per hour. As they have good speed, so they easily migrate to far places in different seasons. They normally like to live in wet land

Speed: 142 km per hour

Sour winged goose fastest birds

3.Frigate Bird

It is the fastest animal, native to South America. Their body features long wingspan therefore they can fly with highest speed of 153 km per hour. They move fast enough ,so it is easy for them to steal food from other ocean birds. They normally spend their life in the sky. They build their nest at the time of breeding close to oceans.

Speed: 153 km per hour

Frigate bird what is the fastest bird

2.Spine tailed Swift

It is the second fastest animal on Earth. If someone inquires about what is the fastest bird then you just need to take name of “Spine Tailed Swift”. This bird uses forces of wind currents to get such a great speed in the sky. They are native to central Asia and Siberia . Spine Tailed Swift can reach maximum speed up to 172 km per hour. During breeding time, they make nests within high elevated cliffs. Due to its high speed, this bird can easily migrate to distance location in different seasons, therefore it is also known as migratory bird in the world.

Tailed swift fastest animal in air

Speed: 172 km per hour

1.Peregrine Falcons

It is the fastest animal in the air. When this bird flies, it can gain an amazing speed of  of 322 km per hour in flight. Peregrine Falcons can live in all regions except Antarctica. Their long tails and wings help them to fly at such a good speed in sky. Anther interesting thing about this fastest animal in the world is that it has a good sight. It can see its prey from the great heights. They can live in any location except Antarctica. They used to migrate each year from one continent to another and no doubt, this is possible due to their extreme speed level.

Peregrine falcons fast bird names list

Speed: 322 km per hour