Top 15 Funniest Pictures Ever Taken

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Today, i decided to add a bit of smile on your face. We all need to make good use of our cheeks bones. I know it is becoming hard these days when we are facing some life problems. But we shouldn’t forget the fact that fun is indeed we need. I have a collection of 15 funniest pictures ever taken  for you. I am sure this collection will make you laugh. It’s time to take a break from routine and explore this collection which would spark positive energy into your life. So, let’s laugh together.

Top 15 Funniest Pictures Ever Taken

15. Thor and Loki Romance’

We enjoyed fight of Thor and Loki but what if they fall in love. Oh my God, the complete story will be super interesting yet funny..


Funniesdt poctures with quote

14. When Your Puppy Wears Lipstick?

Makeup is not only for girls.Did you ever apply makeup on your pets? After seeing this funny picture on web, you might like to give this idea your best try.

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Lipstick on dog face funny picture collection

13. Minion Baby for Royal Family

Kate Middleton needs smile on her face. Why don’t you gift her a minion baby? See how beautiful this family could become.

Funniest pictures ever not laugh

12. What If Jesus had an Apple phone?

I often wondered what if Jesus had an Apple phone. If he had the latest technologies then we could see his selfies. God !Pardon me for my worst joke..

Funniest pictures ever taken jesus

11. Bangstaches: Funniest Picture Ever

Didn’t you check latest fashion trends? if you have bangs then you should get mustache just to make your look super perfect. Many celebrities have given it a try. Why don’t you follow them?

Funniest pictures on internet

Funniest pictures on facebook

10.Funniest Cat Picture Ever Taken

She is super cute but again really funny. I don’t know why this little panda look cat is so sad. Are you missing someone?

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cat Funniest pictures ever taken

9.Miley’s Cyrus’ Signature Tongue Styles

Did you ever wonder where from Miley get her signature style? Check this picture and you will realize that her tongue style was not quite original.

Funniest picture of celebrities

8. Hunger Games Fun

When she says Peetah loudly and all of the sudden “Peetah” appears.

Funniest picture of all the time

7. Kardashian-West Family Picture

Whether you like it or not, I think Kardashian deserve a little Kanye West exactly as shown in the picture. This little guy could complete their family.

Funniest picture not laugh

6.When You Eat Tooooo-Much

If you need attention in the public, start eating as much as you can. The end result would be exactly like this.

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Funniest picture ever try not to laugh

5.Don’t Marry with a Martial Art Expert

If you will marry with a girl who knows martial art then you should be ready for kicks.. She would be pretty kick-ass kinda person, believe me or not .


Funniest picture ever taken on wedding

4. When it is hard to Distinguish between Boy and Girl

If you have a boycut then don’t ruin your look with girly dress. You simply not worth it.

Funniest picture ever taken on web

3.Dance Like No One is There

Just look at her and you will get an idea how much she is enjoying. She is dancing at her fullest and too much that people around have stopped dancing. This is how you can get attention into next party.

Funniest picture ever taken girl

2.Funny Bride Picture

How a Pig look at her marriage? Don’t think too much , I have a picture to clear your mind.

Funny pig 01

Funniest pictures on facebook

Funniest pictures on facebook

1.I Wanna be the Only Child

I think it is a story of almost every second home where one child doesn’t like to have another. Actually, it is the story of my life, too. My brother never like to share his parent’s love with me. So, I always be his first target. Now this story has changed but still I am the “victim”

Funniest pictures on facebook


Funniest babies pictures ever taken