Top 15 Strange Animals in the World That you Never Seen Before

This world is full of wonders and mysteries. Even when we try our best, we can not explore every part and every creature of it. We are familiar with usual animals like fish, elephant, cat, dog, etc. We think we know all about animals while reality is opposite. We don’t know all about animals. We are familiar with some, but there are many unusual animals which we never knew before. Today, I decided to bring a list of 10 strange animals that you have never seen before. Let’s meet with weird kind of animals which exist in this world, but you don’t have any idea about their existence.
15.Japanese Spider Crab
It is the biggest Europe crab. It is also known as Big Daddy. It lives at Blackpool’s Sea Life Center. This nine-foot claw-span of Crab is indeed a strange animal in the world.

Japanese spider crab unusual animals in the world

14.Blob Fish
This fish structure looks like  the face of an old’s person having wrinkles and droopy body. It has the silky clear body with ugly features.interestingly, Micheal Hearst inspired from this weird look animal named its composition as “Blobfish“.
Blob fish ugly fish and animal
13.Star-Nosed Mole
It is indeed  one of the unusual animals in the world. It has built in the sensory organ that is made up of 22 fleshy, mobile appendages surrounding the nostrils. You can found them in a network of underground tunnels in the wetlands of North America. They were always ready to feed insects, worms and molluscs.

Star nosed mole
It is a scary, unusual animal which is really dangerous species as well. Reddit user jilitch , found this creature when he was fishing in New Jersey. He uploaded the picture of this creature on Reddit. It was found in Raritan River. It is a very scary creature latch onto their pray. It secrets digestive fluids that help in eating and breaking down the host. It can kill a very big fish due to its strong digestive mechanism. Its host survival rate is less than 15 percent.

Lamprey purple skin strange animal informations
11.Dumbo Octopus
It is one of the cute, unusual animals in the world. According to Wikipedia, “Grimpoteuthis is a genus of pelagic umbrella octopus that lives in the deep sea. Prominent ear-like fins protrude from the mantle just above their lateral eyes. They have a U or V-shaped shell in their mantle which gives them a bell-shaped appearance. Some species are short, squat and yellow, while others resemble a jellyfish with one big brown walking shoe”.
Dumbo octopus strange animals of world
10.Goblin Shark
Look at this purplish look shark which is very rare in this world and also named as a “living fossil”. According to Wikipedia, “Goblin Shark is the only extant representative of the family Mitsukurinidae, a lineage some 125 million years old.” This shark lives at 100 meters or more than 330 feet depth. The adult of this family lives deeper than youngsters. As this shark lives at great depth, therefore they are not dangerous to human beings.Goblin shark strange animal exist in world
9.The Panda Ant
This ant has black and white body colour which is similar to Chinese giant panda, and that’s why it is known as panda ant. It is cute, yet their stings are very painful. The Mutillidae are a family of more than 3,000 species of wasps. Female panda ant features large hairy body.  They found in Chile.

The panda ant weird unsual animal
8.Umbonia Spinosa
It is a thorn bug which has very strange shape. It is related to cicadas. It uses its beaks to make a hole into plant stems and then to feed upon its sap.

Umbonia spinosa strange animal pictures
7.Glaucus Atlanticus
It is indeed a very strange tiny animal with cute appearance, indeed. They are also named as the blue dragon. They belong to blue sea slug species. If you want to see them closely, then you need to dive into warm water oceans. They usually float on the surface as their stomach has a gas filled sac.Glaucus atlanticus weird drag blue picture Glaucus atlanticus 2 blue small dragon animal
6.Venezuelan Poodle Moth
It is categorized under unusual animals in the world due to its strange look.It was seen first time in Venezuela in 2009. There is very little information about this alien looks species. As aliens, existence is still a mystery. This creature also a mystery and soon we get more information about it. At this time, we have ten signs that aliens exist in this world.

Venezuelan poodle moth strange animals list
5.Giant Isopod
It is a creepy animal. Just take a look at it and you will be agreed with me. It is the largest of existing isopods in the world.This one is the largest of the existing isopods. “The enormous size of the giant isopod is a result of a phenomenon known as deep sea gigantism. This is the tendency of deep sea crustaceans and other animals to grow to a much larger size than similar species in shallower waters.”

Giant isopod strange animal top ten

Giant largest existing isopods in the world 2
4.The Blue Parrotfish
It is a very giant shiny skinned, blue fish. As it is very big, so it requires more food. Therefore, it spends most of its time in food searching. It is found in Atlantic oceans. If you are interested in deep sea discovery, then you should plan a visit to any of top 7 underwater hotels in the world.

Blue parrot fish unusual fish exist in world

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3.Sea Pig
We all have seen normal pig, but it is time to get familiar with sea pig that is among the top 10 strange animals in the world. Scotoplanes live deep in the bottom of oceans. You can find that on the abyssal plain in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Ocean. They live almost at depths of over 1000 meters. They are deposit feeders. It means that they get their good extracting organic particles from deep-sea mud.

Sea pig strange universe animal pictures
2.Pink Fairy Armadillo
Pink fairy armadillos also are known as “pichiciegos”. You can found them. They usually burrow near anthills, just to keep them close to their food source. They are good diggers and like to burrow in the dry soil.In the warm sandy plains of Argentina. It is the smallest member the armadillo family as its length is only five to six inches.

Pink fairy armalido strange animals

You may not consider it very beautiful animal, but colour combination of their body makes them “underdogs” of animals world. It is called as-as Daubentonia madagascariensis. It is a rodent-like animal found in Madagascar.

Aye aye strange monkey like animal in the world

The fact is that there are many other weird animals in the world, but I shared only top 15 strange animals list with you.