10 Top Facts About Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is an Expert of Martial Arts

Jackie Chan is a Chinese actor who is respected and loved all around the world. He has over 100 movies to his credit and has a vast experience of 50 years in the industry.His fans are always curious to know his personal life and secrets, here are some of the top facts about Jackie Chan that fans are unaware of in the world.

Top facts about jackie chan

  1. His Parents Left Him in Early Age

The father of Jackie Chan was a spy in the Chinese government who married a stage performer Lee Lee (Jackie’s mother).Jackie was sold for $26 to a doctor who helped giving birth to him. His parents went to Australia and he was left into a boarding school. There he had learned the skills of drama, acrobatics, and martial arts.He appeared in a movie at the age of 8 for  the first time when Bruce Lee died.

Jackie chan family
Jackie Chan Family
  1.   Real Fight of Jackie on the Set

In 1984, Wheels on Meals movie was a mega-hit worldwide starring Jackie Chan in the leading role. He was shooting a fight scene with a kickboxing champion, he was hurt painfully after getting hit and got angry.Jackie challenged him for a real fighting match which never happened.

Jackie chan real fight pictures

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  1. Almost Died While Doing a Stunt Himself

Jackie was an incredible stunt performer and in 1986, he nearly killed himself while performing a simple stunt. He had to jump on a tree from a wall, his initial attempts failed, he could not grab the tree branches and fell down. He fractured a bone.

Jackie chan died pictures fox news

  1. He Does Not Understand Hollywood

Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Noon were his famous Hollywood movies, he said that Hollywood and Americans are crazy and he cannot understand their humor. It is one of 10 top facts about Jackie Chan.

Jackie chan hollywood don't understand stunts in hotel rushour

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  1. Jackie is a Perfectionist

Jackie directed the famous film city lights, all of his movies were big deals.He shot a scene 300 times until he made it perfect. In Film Dragon Lord, David Fincher was also told to do a scene 50 times.

Jackie chan crazy stunts frozen blood dangrous

  1. His Blood Frozen in a Stunt

He had practiced many stunts but he got terrified when he traveled down a  slant side of the building at 45-degree angle. He stumbled fiercely and stood up again, this stunt froze his blood as he took two weeks to gather the courage to complete it.

Jackie chan perfectionist crazy stunts

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  1.   He Has 20 Musical Albums

He learned music in the boarding school and became a good singer since 1984.He also sang the Young Master movie’s theme song and has 20 albums to his credit.

Jackie chan music albums pictures

  1. His Body Has Many Injuries

Jackie broke his nose and bones countless times, almost every part of his body had suffered injuries.He cannot do sprinting scenes easily now, he already crushed his neck and broke his ankle doing this. He also dislocated his shoulder and kept doing stunts in the injury.

Jackie chun inuries latest stunt ideas

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  1. 9. He Formed a Stuntman Association

Jackie was getting hurt too many times performing stunts with various stuntmen, therefore he built a stuntman association named “Sing Kar Pan”.This group of stuntmen has worked in 28 films together.

Jackie chan stuntman association picture

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  1.  He Holds the Guinness World Record

He holds the record for performing most stunts by a living person and has also taken care of 15 different worlds in his latest film zodiac.  He holds a Guinness World Record for doing such an incredible film.

Jackie char living person stunt guinness world record