Top 10 Fun Facts about Disney Princess

There are many beautiful and adorable Disney princess which are mostly seen in Disney movies. In fact, Disney itself is highlighted in official Disney line up. In which snow white, Belle, Mulan, Aurora, Tiana, Rapunzel, Ariel Cinderella, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Merida are included. After the biggest hit of Frozen, it also said that Anna and Elsa will be included into official Disney lineup.  We have compiled the list of 10 fun facts about Disney Princess. Take a look here.

fun facts about Disney princess

  1.      Disney Princess

Have you ever notice in Disney princess’ merchandise, both are looking away from one another or they look at the camera at the same time. The fact is Roy Disney is the mass marketing of Disney princess.

Pocahontas fun facts

  1.      Pocahontas

Pocahontas became the most fictional character from 2014. After the film search party. She is the only princess who is based on the real person. In fact, she was born late in the 1500s.

beautiful disney princess

  1.      Ariel

after the release of The little Mermaid in 1989, Ariel became the first Disney princess in the first forty years.  Before her Aurora from Sleeping beauty was was the princess. This movie was released in 1959. That time was red-headed time for a princess.

amazing facts about disney princess

  1.    First native American Princess

many people thought that Pocahontas was the first American native but that’s not true. Tiger Lily from the movie of Peter Pan was the actually first native.

beautiful princess

  1.   Least dialogue in the movie

the least dialogue was from the movie Sleeping beauty by Princess Aurora. As she spent most of her time in sleeping.

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beautiful princess of all time

  1.   Man is not real princess

in most of the movies, you have seen real princess as a princess’ character. In the case of Mulan, its only first character in Disney movies who was lined up but in real she is not a real princess.  Rest of the other are a real princess by birth or they have got married.

facts about Snow white

  1.   Voice of Snow white

Adriana is the only princess in Disney movies who voiced snow white. It’s was the time back in 1937 and she got paid only 20$. That time it was a huge amount.

fun fatcs about Belle

  1.      Blue color sign of outsider

You might not have noticed that Belle is the only person who wears a blue dress in her hometown. She also wears a blue dress in Beauty and beast. That sign shows she is an outsider. In Another scene, she wears a blue dress when she meets beast. Now you will never see beauty and beast without noticing colors.

interesting facts about Cindrella

  1.      Best animation in Disney movies

You have seen many scenes but that scene is magical when Cinderella transforms herself from housemaid dress to beautiful ball gown.

amazing scenes of disney princess

  1.  Re-do Aladdin

in fact, Aladdin’s cartoon character is bit shabby.  When jasmine’s character designed their chemistry is not perfect as it should be. The reason is Jasmine is gorgeous as compare to Aladdin. In fact, their chemistry is also not convincing on screen.