Top Ten Highest Paying Job in the United States

Are you living in the United States and looking for a career that will pay you well? Are you considering moving to the U.S to find a better job? Sometimes it is not about the job that you love but a job that will pay you well. Even if you do not love the job and it pays you well will ultimately make you love the job. If you are considering finding a well paying career in the United States, then it is very important to look at the list of top ten highest paying jobs in the United States.

If you want to pay comfortably for all your bills and be able to put some of your money into a savings scheme for future investment, then you should find a well paying job. The highest paying job currently in the U.S requires several years of schooling and higher expense, which pays off immediately you join the workforce due to high pay.

Highest paying Occupations in the Unites States

The Healthcare industry is the leading in the U.S in the list of highest paying Jobs followed by careers in the oil industry. These careers require many years of education and training, which adds up to time investment. Even a successful business enterprise was not developed in one day. Therefore, if you want a well paying career you should sacrifice your time and money now. In order to provide you with the information of the highest paying jobs, here is a list of top ten highest paying jobs in the United States.


this is often the leading job within the medical careers. It holds over thirty thousand two hundred employees with mean annual payroll of $235,000.

Anesthesiologist highest paying jon in us


Surgeons are more than 41,000 workers in the U.S each earning a mean annual pay of over $233,000. This is one of the best careers in the medical industry.

surgeon Top Ten Highest Paying Job in the United States

3.Oral and external body part Surgeons

The workers in this job category earn after that of the surgeons. Over 5,200 people are employed in this section earning a mean annual salary of $218,900.

Surgeons jobs in usa highest salary

4.Obstetricians and Gynecologists

The job category holds over 21,700 U.S workers each earning a mean annual pay of $212,570.

Obstetricians and gynecologists salary high in us


Orthodontists solve most of the problems regarding our teeth. This job holds over 5,500 people each earning a mean annual salary of $196,200.

Orthodontist highest paying job in the united states

6.General Internist

The mean annual pay for this job is over $188,400 and holds about 46,400 U.S workers.

General internist top ten list of highest paying jobs in america

7.Physicians and Surgeons

Majority of the medical fraternity work in this category. The mean annual pay for the workers in this job is about $187,200. It holds more than 307,200 workers.

Physician and surgeons highest paying jobs list in united states

8.Family and General Practitioners

They are paid a mean annual salary of over $183,900. This job holds over 120,800 workers.

Family and general practitioners highest salary in the united states


This job holds over 25,000 United States workers with a mean annual pay of $182,600. Psychiatrists help people get out of their mental illness.

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Psychiatrist highest paying jobs in united states america list

10.Chief Executives

Most of the CEOs in the U.S Earn mean annual pay of $178, 400 with about 248,700 U.S works working as Chief Executives of various companies all over the U.S.

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Highest paying jobs in the us chief executives don nolan kennametal

The United States top ten high paying jobs that are not in the healthcare industry include architectural engineering, marketing managers, Natural sciences managers, petroleum engineers, Computer and information systems managers, engineering managers, Lawyers, Financial managers and Sales managers. The above list will provide you with insights on the most paying careers in the United States and will act as the main guide to your career choice.