US$2,000 Balenciaga bag looks suspiciously like an Ikea shopping bag

Us$2,000 balenciaga bag looks suspiciously like an ikea shopping bag

Another Balenciaga bag now draws inspiration with a layout that appears as being similar to the furniture giant’s Frakta shopping bag, from Ikea.

The Market extralarge customer bag is just a giant case manufactured from ” blue wrinkled, glazed leather” and contains a “silver- stamped logo .”

Like the Ikea reusable bag, it’s a couple of limited handles along with a pair of long people.

The plastic Ikea version costs $0.99, Balenciaga’s made-in-Italy model moves for people$2,145 (S$2,996) on Barney’s website.

There is a black variation that costs US$ 1,765 on the internet site.

For the same value, you might obtain two, or an Ikea clothing, to store the case in.

The luxury company continues to be persistent in moving out bag designs that look suspiciously like costly copies of cheap, throwaway bags.

Nevertheless, the approach is working because its creations just like Cover Square and the Bazar Shopper Bag have allegedly sold well.

The lambskin Quilt Square appears like the PVC bags used to house dark, floral- covers, while the Bazar Shopper Tote is a leather version of massive market bags observed at street markets.

Will the brand bag that is French fashionistas again or has it recycled this concept one too many situations?

Twitter, at the very least, is all over it.